Tips to Maintain Your Decks And Patios During Different Seasons

Tips to Maintain Your Decks And Patios During Different Seasons

Your deck or patio is a lovely extension of the house, and everyone likes to spend time there. However, to keep your favorite place safe, you must maintain and take care of it in all seasons. Mold and mildew, as well as stains and decay, can begin during any season on your deck or patio. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, so plan ahead. You need to take care of your deck and patio to avoid any major rework from a professional deck installation provider.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your deck and patio during different seasons and retain the beauty of your landscape.

For Winter and Spring Season

  1. During the winters snowfall is common; you must keep the deck surface clean and remove the snow appropriately.
  2. With the arrival of the spring, do not neglect your deck or patio for dirt or leftover snow as it can produce stains and mold due to moisture. To clean your deck, use mild soap and water, and for hard stains use a pressure washer.
  3. Fixing the deck sealant will make sure that your deck can withstand all the dampness throughout the winter.

For Summer Season

  1. When the weather is nice and dry, it’s a good idea to check the structure of your deck. Pay special attention to any spots that are near water sources and within 6 inches of the ground.
  2. Examine the ledger, which is the frame that connects the home to the cover. Pay close attention to the ledger using a flashlight behind the lid.
  3. Look for signs of decay and corrosion in every corner. Small amounts of decay can be removed with a chisel and treated with a wood preservative.
  4. In larger sections, the structural part may need replacement. For repairs, contact a professional deck installation provider in Maryland, USA.

For Fall Season

  1. The temperature is still milder in the fall so, you can check and reseal your deck and patio if you missed doing so in the spring.
  2. To avoid mold and rot, keep shrubs and trees at least 12 inches away from the deck.
  3. Leaves and other trash must be disposed of properly from the corners as they can accumulate moisture.
  4. Maintain the gutters and downspout. Try to change the place of the outdoor furniture and plants to avoid discoloring.

To summarize the seasonal guide for decks and patios upkeep remember: Spring season is for washing and sealing; in summer inspect and repair if required and during the fall clear the debris and trim the plants.

For regular maintenance and repairs, you can also contact the SBC Outdoor Services professional team of deck installation provider in Maryland, USA to keep up your landscape and its surrounding.

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