Outdoor Living Spaces: Top 5 Landscaping Trends

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The comforts of home do not have to suffer when you spend time outside. Your outdoor space can be upgraded to be more pleasant and appealing with just a few simple modifications. A functional outdoor area, such as a porch, patio, or other outdoor areas, can be an excellent way to extend your living space outdoors.

There is something particularly appealing about the latest landscaping trends: they feature well-thought-out and integrated features. It is easier to enjoy outdoor living with the appropriate setup and hardscape landscaping contractor and host backyard parties for family and friends.

It’s time to find out what is trending among outdoor living spaces, whether for the front yard or the backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen

Make the most of an outdoor gathering with a fully functional outdoor kitchen built into your patio stonework with different elements. Creating a second kitchen with a grill won’t just save you from constantly making trips back and forth between the grill and indoor stove it’ll also create an ideal space for entertaining. Another key ingredient to any outdoor kitchen is seating, ranging from standard picnic tables to a full bar.


Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces complement your yard and home’s exterior with custom stonework. The stonework of your choice can be incorporated into patios or other features of your choice. The design of a patio can incorporate stonework in a style of your choosing. You can also have stone retaining walls to draw attention to specific aspects of landscape design. Stonework walls are particularly appealing as they are both decorative and multipurpose.

Enclose the space

Sometimes it helps to create an enclosure so that an outdoor space appears purposeful. Pergolas are the most popular choice for creating an outdoor living space enclosure. Their sectional design makes them feel wide open while still letting in plenty of sunlight. As a way of adding a natural, outdoorsy feel to their homes, people plant vines and other plants around them.

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit

With the addition of fire, an area can instantly be changed into an inviting and warm environment. Look up local fire codes before installing a fire pit or fireplace to ensure that an open fire is legal where you live. If you live in a milder climate, a backyard fire is an ideal feature to keep you warm during the winter.

Features involving water

You can find water features in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small fountains to cascading waterfalls. You can choose whatever you want according to your preferences. In addition to providing a relaxing sound, water features can also create a sense of peace. Several stores and nurseries sell different sizes of fountains that are easy to mount or sit on pedestals for a cheaper, less labor-intensive water feature.

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