Learn How To Decorate Small Deck To Maximize Outdoor Space

Learn How To Decorate Small Deck To Maximize Outdoor Space

Would you like to live the “big-deck life” but you have a small deck? It’s important to use your existing space smartly, so it doesn’t feel small and can be used for a variety of purposes.
The deck or patio serves as an outdoor living space that you and your family can enjoy for a long time. Making the most of your available space is important regardless of where you are in your home. For decorating your small deck to maximize your outdoor living space SBC Outdoor Services offers a few tips from the best deck builder in Baltimore.

Color Scheme

This space should reflect your personality or complement your interior space. It’s easier to use a picturesque outdoor space than a bland concrete deck. It doesn’t take much to make your deck look good, you only need a professional deck builder. Rugs, pillows, cushions, greenery, and plants can be used to add color to the neutral furniture. Adding bold patterns and colors can make any room seem more dramatic, while neutral or muted colors can make everything look calming.

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Furniture That Matches

You must select comfortable furniture and accessories that suit your requirements. According to the 2:3 rule, the size of the furniture on your deck should be two-thirds its size. You can add a multi-purpose table for your family, an umbrella to offer shade, and enough chairs for your guests.

Enhance Privacy

Adding drapery or lattice panels to your deck is an easy and cost-effective way of protecting and creating a boundary around your outdoor area, and obstructing neighboring views. Furthermore, they make the space more visually appealing by complementing the decor. A small deck should feel as private as possible to foster an intimate atmosphere.

Built-In Features

Built-in storage space is a prime example of how to improve the usefulness of a deck renovation or building from scratch. If you love outdoor cooking, build a small built-in kitchen/oven that fits the need. A bench on the deck takes up much less space than an outdoor sofa. It will also allow for more standing room at the center.

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Outdoor Lighting

Setting the mood and tone of your outdoor space is easy with lighting. You may need to consider outdoor lighting if you find yourself heading inside after the sunsets. It is possible to turn tiny spaces into warm retreats with tiki torches, string lights, and lanterns. It is always crucial to illuminate key areas and pathways to promote safety.

Accessories & Plants

Choosing plants that repel mosquitoes and other insects is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. By choosing a few insect repellent plants, you will reduce the need for citronella candles and sprays. Adding greenery to your deck will enhance its curb appeal. Add heaters, umbrellas, rugs, and pergolas to make your outdoor space more comfortable all year long.

You can use these tips when building a deck as well as maximizing your existing space. A deck builder in Baltimore can help you plan for the addition of your deck in case you start small but decide to expand later. Decks and patios can feel cramped or crowded depending on their size and layout. Get in touch with SBC Outdoor Services if you want to update your outdoor living space.

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