Winter Landscaping Ideas for Maryland Homeowners

Landscaping Ideas for Maryland Homeowners in the Winter

Many homeowners in Maryland consider winter to be the death of their idyllic garden dreams. Winter is not the death of your landscape. It is simply an opportunity to try something different and unique.

Your dream landscape is still possible! It just might look a little different than you initially thought.

If you’re a Maryland homeowner and looking to improve your home’s landscape, SBC Outdoor Services and our team of experts can help! Keep reading for 4 ideas to help you winterize your outdoor landscaping while staying current with landscaping trends. 

1. Incorporate Hardscape Features

You don’t have to depend solely on plants for your outdoor living area. Consider some fresh and creative hardscaping ideas, such as a fire pit for your backyard (winter is a great time to install one!). You could also install a bench or fence for extra seating and security. Have a lot of empty space or unused corners? Consider adding sculptures or pieces of furniture to fill them.

2. Use Indigenous Plants

Utilizing Maryland-adapted plants is the best way to adapt to our state’s unique climate, rainfall, and soil conditions. White oaks, sassafras, or sourgum trees are the preferred native trees for large plantings. Among the popular native plants in the area are Christmas ferns, cardinal flowers, and blackhaws. You can add a hint of color to your yard by planting bushes such as Holly or Winterberry, which provide berries and fruits that attract birds.

3. Try Festive Lighting

Embrace the spirit of the winter season by adorning your outdoor living space with festive lighting. Hang string lights along railings, fences, or pergolas to create a warm and cozy ambiance during the dark winter evenings. Consider using decorative lanterns or flameless candles to add a touch of elegance and create a welcoming glow.

4. Robust Plants Add Color

Winter is a beautiful time to add evergreens to your yard. They can provide a variety of colors other than just the green you might expect from an evergreen. You can create a blue and yellow landscape by using Blue Spruce or Gold Thread Cypress trees. When the winter months arrive, you get a lot of lush green and brown. These plants can help break up the monotony by adding some color to the yard.

SBC Outdoor Services Can Breathe New Life into Your Outdoor Living Space

You can guarantee that your yard will be beautiful all year round by hiring SBC Outdoor Services to handle your landscaping needs.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified commercial landscaping contractors in Maryland offers residential and commercial landscaping services.

With the help of our experts, you will not have to worry about having a brown and lifeless landscape during the winter with little greenery. Bringing your idea to life is what we do best. Contact us today to get started! 

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