How To Install Deck To Design Outdoor Space – Tips To Know

Outdoor deck installation

Having a deck is a wonderful outdoor space addition to your home. It expands your living space and serves as a great place for family bonding, entertaining, and for having leisure time outdoors. It is a dream for many homeowners to have a beautifully designed deck in their house. There is no one-design-suits-all when it comes to deck-designing. A number of factors like the climate, budget, building material, lifestyle, usage, etc., should be taken into account when planning the design of the deck.

During outdoor deck installation, remember that the deck structure is meant to last over decades and not just years. Unless you have some experience in building structures, it is best to not go the DIY route but to hire a reputed outdoor space design service provider for a more thorough job. However, you should do your research and have a good idea about how you want your deck to be so that it can be translated into reality.

1. Determine The Size Of Your Deck

The size of the deck will depend on how much space you have and how you plan to use the deck. Will you be entertaining people often to barbecues and grilling? Do you plan to have regular family meals there? Or do you plan to use your deck for some quiet time?

When planning to have a large deck, also take into account the maintenance work that you will have to put up with overtime. When you think over these questions, you will have a clearer idea of what exactly you want. That will come in really handy when you discuss the design options with your outdoor deck installation service provider.

2. Install Deck With A View

Of course, you would want to enjoy the outdoor views from your deck. So, choose the space in your house with the best view. Have some space where you can have plants, floral hangings, etc., that will add some charming green to your space. If you plan to have a raised deck, you might be overlooking your neighbor’s house. One way is to design the deck such that there is space to plant trees along the fence so that it offers you some privacy.

3. Choosing the Right Material For Your Deck

Choosing the building materials that are durable and low maintenance is ideal for the deck, but again that can come at a high initial cost. Pressure-treated wood is an easy and inexpensive material to work with, but over a period of time, it is known to warp. It requires frequent maintenance too. Composite boards and PVC are popular because they are easier to maintain and are not too expensive. Cedar and redwood are pricey but gives an elegant look. But they are high maintenance too. Budget is an important factor for zeroing on the building material. Weigh the pros and cons of all your options to make up your mind.

4. Pick the Right Deck Design

If you look up online, you are likely to be overwhelmed with all the spectacular design options. So, it is best to take a step-by-step approach.

  • Is the yard where you are going to build a deck sloped? You can go for a multi-tiered deck.
  • Is there a sunny spot in your deck? You can make it a special spot by installing a pergola.
  • Is your neighborhood dense? Perhaps you would want to install a screen for privacy.
  • Will you be entertaining friends often? How about installing a mini-bar?

So, you can brainstorm all these ideas and more and can come up with a deck design that is tailormade to suit your needs. Keep in mind that you need to comply with the local construction codes for the structure as well as size when building your deck. So, it is best to hire professionals who are well versed with these rules and regulations.

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