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Founded by Brad Crist in 2015, SBC Outdoor Services embody the essence of “quality landscaping” with our unwavering commitment to excellence. As a leading hardscape, landscape design, and commercial maintenance business, our reputation for exceptional service speaks for itself.

We pride ourselves on our team’s expertise, boasting over 30 years of industry experience within our management alone, including former White House maintenance personnel. With a combined experience of over 100 years across our dedicated team, we view landscaping as an art form rather than a mere skill.

Our employees are not only skilled in proper installation methods, but they are also encouraged to unleash their creativity and passion in every project. Whether it’s our meticulous design and installation divisions ensuring both functionality and beauty, or our maintenance division dedicated to preserving the ongoing splendor of your property, SBC Outdoor Services is here to turn your landscape dreams into reality. Trust the hardscaping contractors Baltimore residents rely on for unmatched expertise and outstanding results.

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Meet Our Owner, Brad Crist

Brad Crist got started landscaping at age 15 and has been involved in the industry ever since.

After earning an MBA from the University of Baltimore and 15 years of hands-on landscaping experience, Brad established SBC Outdoor Services, the premier hardscaping contractor in Baltimore.

Through unwavering dedication, strong local partnerships, and a genuine love for the art of landscaping, Brad has transformed SBC Outdoor Services into a dynamic, full-service landscape business that exceeds customers’ expectations.



At SBC, "care" holds a significant place in our hearts. It's an acronym that we live by and strive to meet with every one of our customers. Don't just take our word for it, explore our portfolio to see our impressive body of work.