A Quick Guide to Easy Snow Removal

A Quick Guide to Easy Snow Removal

If you must tread knee-deep in the snow to get home or to your office, winters can be a challenging time for you. Many businesses lose out on customers because their driveways, walkways, and parking lots are buried under thick snow and are completely inaccessible. You could effortlessly resolve this by calling on a professional snowplowing crew. If you are on the lookout for the top snow plowing services in or near Baltimore, it is best to reach out to an experienced team like SBC Outdoor services.

But the second-best thing to a professional is a well-informed and diligent amateur. Here in this article, we are going to tell you five ways to make snow removal safe and easy:

1. Be Prepared

As they say, “Precaution is better than a cure.” Snowstorms can catch tourists and newcomers by surprise, but if you have wintered in Baltimore before, you surely understand the merit in preparing for snow, hail, and ice. Get yourself the necessary equipment and attire to weather the harsh climate before it arrives. Use Ice pre-treatment liquids on your driveway so that the snow doesn’t stick to the ground.

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2. Get A Snowblower, Ice Spear/Scraper, Leaf Blower or Lawn Mower

Machines would make your life a lot easier than a shovel. You could still use an ice scraper or an ice spear, as some call it, to crack the hard ice and shovel it too off the ground. Some people use leaf blowers and lawnmowers if the snow is light. If light enough, you could even use a broom. But the best DIY machine is a snow blower, designed for the purpose. However, remember to use it before snow piles up too much. Also, be cautious of half-buried newspapers that might cause machine jams. Always remember to use fresh gas; stale fuel takes longer to combust, and your machine would have a hard start. Use synthetic gas for a smooth-running machine.

3. Use Salt or Ice Melt

Rock Salt and Ice Melt can ensure that the snow doesn’t melt and refreeze. Keeping the freezing point low is a sure-fire way of having less slippery pavements and driveways. However, be aware of the kind of agent you use; rock salt is natural but rusts your vehicles, and artificial ice melt agents could be toxic and might contaminate groundwater.

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4. Get A Good Shovel, Wax Them, And Don’t Stall

An S-shaped shovel would make life a lot easier for you as you don’t have to bend as much. Also, make sure to purchase one with a non-stick plastic or aluminum blade. If you use metal blades on soft surfaces without much snow cover, you might end up damaging your property. A good coat of wax would ensure that snow doesn’t stick to your equipment, use cooking sprays or petroleum jelly. It’s also a horrible idea to procrastinate and let the snow pile up. The more snow left unremoved harder it will be for you. If too much has gathered before your doorstep, consider calling a professional snow plowing service in Baltimore to avoid injury.

5. Hiring Snow Removal Services

The best way to get rid of all that unwanted snow is to call a professional. It is safer and saves up a lot of time. A good Snowplow truck driver could clear up your driveways and walkways in a fraction of the time it would take you to do the same.

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