5 Reasons To Get A Screened Porch: SBC Outdoor Services Guide

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There’s nothing like lying back and relaxing in your comfortable porch chair while sipping a beverage. However, rain and mosquitoes can soon detract from the enjoyment and force you to return indoors. You don’t have to lose the comfort to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and crisp breezes outdoors when you have a screened porch.

Today majority of homeowners are searching for screened porch contractors who could assist them in making a fabulous screened porch design in Annapolis. At SBC Outdoor Services, we like assisting our customers in discovering new methods to enhance the style and value of their home exterior design. Here are five significant reasons to invest in screened porches.

1. Protection From Insects

On a spring day, you want to relax out and just read a wonderful book, but you end up in the middle of a swarm of bees. A screened porch allows families to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by insects or bugs.

2. Protection From Weather

Screened-in porches are a blessing and protect you from snow, rain, heatwaves, and any type of disruptive weather conditions. With a perfect screened porch design you can enjoy the weather and fresh breeze outside.

3. Pet-friendly Porch

In addition to keeping pet hair and muddy paws from your indoor furniture and fabrics, screened porches allow your pets to enjoy the comforts of your home.

4. Extra Living Space

A screened-in porch can be used to expand a home’s living space. They are both indoors and outdoors at the same time, and you may try out different outdoor and indoor furniture. The easiest approach we can think of to extend living space to a home without significant construction concerns is by building a screened porch.

5. Added Value To The Home

Screened porches can be a valuable asset since they enhance curb appeal and can also make a home appear more aesthetically pleasant from the inside as well. A well-screened porch is seen as a feature that adds value to a property.
A screened-in porch has numerous benefits and if you are planning to add one for your house, contacts SBC Outdoor Services. Contact our team of experts which has the best screened porch designs and we have been rated the finest screened porch contractors in Annapolis, MD and its surrounding areas.

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