5 Pro Tips for Better Deck Installation

Deck Installation

Decking is a visible part of a project, and so you should handle it with great care. Also, deck installation should ensure greater durability.

Adding a deck to expand your living space is a brilliant idea. Whether you want to do it as a DIY project or hire a professional, you should take into consideration all the crucial design issues, choose the right material according to your budget, lifestyle, and climate, and build a durable structure. Make sure to choose a professional deck installation company to do the work.

Check out these 5 pro tips for a better deck installation at your home:

1. Install a Roof under your Deck

Do you have unexploited space under the deck? You can convert it into a spacious and second outdoor living area by constructing an under-deck roof. This roof can catch the dripping water through the deck boards. It then redirects this water to the outside of the newly-built patio area.

Adding gutters is not mandatory but it stops the draining water from splattering onto the patio. Hire one of the professional deck companies in Maryland to have complete peace of mind.

2. Add Shade with Awnings and Canopies 

The summer sun can become very hot from time to time. That is why constructing an awning, canopy, or other types of shade are an excellent improvement project for your patio. These inclusions are easy to set up and quite affordable. Latticework and awnings, especially, enable you to remove shade or add more shade depending on the weather. Also, remember shade over eating areas and cooking is highly useful.

3. Make Your Deck Look Beautiful with Lighting

While landscape lighting may look like a complicated Do-It-Yourself project, low-voltage lighting systems are a task even beginners can handle. These systems are less risky as compared to standard household wiring as the system depends on a transformer. If you want your deck to be the focus, the additional visibility can add an extra level of safety as well.

4. Deck Board Spacers

If you want your deck to have new deck boards and want uniform gaps between the boards, add some spacers. You will find deck board spacers in different sizes to ensure that the gaps between every deck board are uniform. Large spacers are good because they are easy to pull out and grab after installing the board. These spacers are also highly visible, making them less of a tripping danger.

5. Hide Ends of Unattractive Deck Board 

The ends of manufactured deck boards are unattractive, and you should not leave it exposed. The good news for you is that there are a few ways to conceal them. The simplest solution is to lift the fascia board to flush the top with the decking top. However, most skirt/fascia boards are not broad enough to entirely cover both the deck boards.

A second way to hide your deck boards’ both ends is to install a perimeter/border board around the deck’s outside edges. The technique can make your deck look beautiful, particularly when you select an accent color for it. The demerit of a perimeter board is that it needs additional framing underneath.

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